John 10.10 “I have come that they may have life and that abundantly”  - Jesus

           Christian counseling, Life Coaching

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the puzzles of  life & relationships

Using the Keys of God’s Word

Dr. James & Cheryl Johnson, Faith based Counseling and Life Coaching

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James Johnson, Ph.D., Keys4-Life: Faith based Life Coaching and Counseling

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Personal and individual appointments for counseling / coaching.

Counseling deals with our pain providing steps to heal, resolve and recover from it.  

Coaching focuses more on our potential and how to maximize our lives with right tools and accountability towards achievable goals.

Counseling Appointments

Coaching Appointments


Small and Large group seminars done in an interactive conference format.

Our seminars are designed to provide information to those who really want to learn and apply the tools in God’s Word.

We are available for small or large group presentations.  

Developing Intimacy with God

Understanding Relationship Dynamics


Books, Tapes, Charts, You tube, articles, blogs and other media information.

As products and materials become available we post them first to our web page so you can be up to date on the principles we are teaching through our ministry.

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So  Amazed by Grace - book  on a journey into the Father’s Heart.

The  Transforming Power of Sonship a book designed to help you see your identity in Christ.







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Life and especially relationships can be like a huge puzzle. Sometimes we feel like we have lots of pieces but none of them is in the right place.  Bottom Line Keys4 is about helping you get the right pieces in the right places.  We help you find the life skills God has given us to unlock the puzzles of life.  Starting with the doorway to His Presence through Jesus Christ.   And moving into success in life and relationships.  It’s why we call it Keys4 Life.